Signs and Symptoms Of Dementia

Best Neurologist in Faridabad - Dementia Signs and Symptoms

Dementia is a mental illness which affects the function of brain including reasoning, thinking and memory. The symptoms of dementia vary from different persons, since there are various symptoms a person has to suffer when diagnosed, says Dr. Rohit Gupta, the best Neurologist in Faridabad.

The most common symptom is memory loss; in this case the person gets difficulty in recalling things. Dementia is a group of various different kind of disease which triggers to an individual, it is not a disease. There are dementia symptoms which are noticeable and they include depression. Changes in behavior, mood, aggressiveness, emotional and lot more symptoms. In memory loss they cannot recognize familiar persons or places, difficulty in recalling any event or occasion which they have attended in past, lack of recollecting things, find trouble in expressing right words, thoughts or feelings.

Other symptoms of dementia is when a person is affected to it he or she find difficulty in performing any task or easy calculations, they avoid going to social environment because of psychological problems. Some times the people affected to dementia cause harm to others and self due to their aggressiveness and depression. The control of mood is one of the dementia symptoms, in this there are changes in behavior and the also thoughts. They become more careless to their physic and hygiene so they don’t even bath regularly. A person with lewy bodies in dementia faces the problem of vision and hallucination due to which they fall frequently. The most noticeable symptoms of dementia are personality changes, in this situation the person behaves unusual and they get aggressive which is harmful to others says Dr. Rohit Gupta, best Dementia Doctor in Faridabad .

In depression they can take the step of suicide, so if you see such types of symptoms then an immediate check up to doctor is must. In majority you can find a person who is diagnosed to dementia symptoms gets rude, expose and get into abusive comments. To treat this symptoms one should go for a check up in which blood test are conducted which detects the any kind of infection affected to a person or other symptoms. Most of the doctors recommend that if an individual is triggered to symptoms of dementia it is a responsibility of family members to understand the situation. The best treatment for dementia is to cure it in psychological way which not it does not cure but lower the symptoms of a person. To get further details on dementia symptoms on it then log on to it will provide you all sort of information which you needed.

If you or a loved one has memory problems or other dementia symptoms, then consult with Dr. Rohit Gupta – the best Neurologist in Faridabad. He will provide an assessment of your situation, diagnose your condition, and give you the best support services.