Do You Know That Stroke Is Curable?

Dr. Rohit Gupta - Best Doctor for Stroke Treatment in Faridabad

October 29th is observed as World Stroke Day and this year the main focus of the day is on the prevention of strokes. If we all take certain preventive measures to keep away this disorder, then we have the power to decrease down the social and economical cost of the stroke, says Dr. Rohit Gupta – best Doctor for Stroke Treatment in Faridabad.

Hypertension, diabetes, smoking and dyslipidemia are the major and common risk factors of stroke, keeping them in control will help you to lead a healthy and stroke free life.


Stroke is being one of the leading causes of death and disability computing 1 in 10 deaths all across the world. Globally 6.5 million deaths occur due to stroke and nearly 17 million of stroke cases get registered every year. With the recent data published by various sources it has been observed that more than 80% of all the strokes happen in the developing countries. In India, more than 1 million of stroke cases get registered every year. It doesn’t do any favoritism as it can happen to anyone at any age, and thus impact everyone being it survivors, family,  friends, etc.

Stroke is a neurological disorder which takes place when the supply of blood doesn’t reaches to the brain in sufficient amount. Due to insufficient amount of blood supply the cells of the brain gets damaged and dies. The impact and treatment of stroke depends on the part of the brain which has been affected. The impact of the stroke on its survivors can be disastrous to their body, mobility and speech as well as their ability to think and feel.


Stroke has been divided into 2 categories:


Hemorrhagic Stroke: Bursting of brain aneurysm or leakage in the blood vessel leads to hemorrhagic stroke. Due to spilling of blood into the brain and the nearby areas it creates swelling and pressure further damages the cells and tissues of the brain.


Hemorrhagic strokes are not common but are responsible for about 40 percent of all the stroke death taking place globally.


Ischemic Stroke: In this disorder the blood vessel which carries the blood to the brain gets blocked by blood clot (ischemic), disturbing the flow of blood. High blood pressure is one the major risk factor for ischemic stroke.

Ischemic stroke constitute of 84% of all strokes globally.


What are the sign and symptoms of Stroke?


The list of the sign and symptoms are as follows:

  • Trouble with speaking and understanding
  • Paralysis or numbness in leg, arms or even on face
  • Vision problem
  • Regular headache
  • Problem in maintaining balance especially while walking




It is an acronym which is used to remember and identify the most common symptoms of stroke and increases the responsiveness to stroke victim needs. If you recognize these symptoms immediately dial Stroke Helpline / Emergency Number for immediate treatment, says Dr. Rohit Gupta, the best Doctor for Stroke Treatment in Faridabad.


The abbreviation F.A.S.T stands for:


F – FACE: If you see a person’s one side face is drooping while smiling.


A – ARMS: If you see a person’s one arm is drifting downwards while raising the arms.


S – SPEECH: if you see a person’s speech is slurred and he’s facing difficulty in repeating a simple phrase.


T – TIME: if you encounter any of these signs or symptoms then immediately dial Stroke Helpline / Emergency Number for immediate medical help.


“Currently multiple efficient diagnostic and treatment options are available, hence the results are much promising. As time is brain, earliest the stroke is diagnosed and treated, the better will be the results of the treatment”, says Dr. Rohit Gupta, Chairman – Neurosciences – Accord Superciality Hospital, Faridabad and the Best Doctor for Stroke Treatment in Faridabad. Dr. Rohit Gupta is the well-known and best neurologist in Faridabad, Haryana, India. He has a vast experience of over 15 years in clinical neurology.