Spondylosis: Tips To Protect Your Spine

Tips to Protect Your Spine from Spondylosis - Dr. Rohit Gupta

Spondylosisis a degenerative condition in which the structural integrity of the spine gradually degenerates. The common symptoms include:

  • Radiating pain in the upper limbs
  • Numbness and immobility

It is usually associated with ageing and osteoporosis.

But, according to Dr. Rohit Gupta, best neurology specialists in Faridabad, the incidence of spondylitis is increasing amongst young adults. Lack of adequate exercise, improper posture and Vitamin D3 deficiency are considered as few common factors that can increase the severity of the condition. But spondylitis is a preventable condition. A few lifestyle changes are all it takes to protect your spine from undergoing degenerative changes:

Here are the tips to protect your spine from spondylitis

  • Maintain the right posture at all times

While standing, balance your weight on both feet, instead of just one foot at a time. Sit up straight while sitting and remember to stand up, relax and stretch every 10-15 minutes. To avoid injuries to the spine, learn to lift things correctly by bending your knees first and then holding the weight close to your chest.

  • Watch the way you sit at your desk

If you are at a desk job, with a computer make sure that you sit ergonomically correct. The computer screen should be at eye-level and your neck shouldn’t be twisted or flexed while working. Place both your feet on the floor and keep your elbows, knees, hips and ankles at 90-degree to the floor.

  • Do yoga asanas for agility

Practice yoga for a stronger neck and spine. Matsyasana, bhujangasana and dhanurasana are a few asanas that you could practice daily for improving your flexibility.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

Your knees are not the only joints that will bear the burden of your extra flab. The intervertebral discs and joints of your vertebrae will also suffer as being overweight will speed up the normal wear & tear process.

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily

Daily exercise of at least 30 minutes will give you that much-needed boost of energy with improved flexibility and resilience. Remember to include stretches in your exercise routine too.

  • Eat right for healthier bones and muscles

For the health of your bones and joints, include healthy foods like whole grains, calcium-rich foods, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Include plenty of liquids in your diet, to keep yourself well-hydrated.

  • Smoking can accelerate degenerative changes in the spine

Studies claim that chronic smokers are at a higher risk of suffering from spondylosis and other degenerative changes of the spine. Cigarette smoking leads to thickening of the arteries, which causes poor oxygenation of bones and muscles, thereby accelerating degenerative changes.

Poor lifestyle choices are causing an alarming rise in the number of patients suffering from spondylitis. Watch out for symptoms like numbness/pain/tingling sensation in your back, neck or limbs. Seek medical attention promptly if the symptoms increase in intensity or persist. Follow these tips meticulously to prevent spondylosis from affecting your spine and lifestyle.