Good Mental Health: An Overview

Good Mental Health by Best Neurosurgeon in Faridabad

Good mental health is the most important requirement for living life to the fullest and having an optimal life experience. Good mental health is not merely absence of mental illness. Dr Rohit Gupta, the best Neurosurgeon in Faridabad giving an overview about Mental Health. Read on!

The signs of good mental health are:

  • A sense of self sufficiency, self esteem and self worth
  • Ability to put one’s trust in others
  • Ability to give and receive friendship, affection and love
  • Ability to experience deep emotions
  • Ability to forgive other and self
  • Ability to introspect and consider change
  • Ability to learn from experience
  • Ability to tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity and take risks

Having a mental illness is like having any other illness. Mental illnesses are considered to be much more common in children than we usually think it to be. The commonest mental illnesses in children are anxiety diseases, depression, eating disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Common signs of mental diseases in children are change in eating and sleeping habits, school reluctance, excessive vague physical complaints, increased crying or irritability, decreasing academic performance, increased secretiveness, excessive need for money, social withdrawal, loss of interest in friends or activities that they used to enjoy, increased worrying and increased defiance and disobedience.

It is estimated that out of the ten top causes of disability producing illnesses five are mental illnesses. Due to this pandemic situation depression will top that list. The causes are innumerable and will vary depending on whom you are reading. Social Media are becoming Mental Health villains!. From a communicating tool it was originally envisaged as, social media has grown into virtual lives and virtual world, something like an avatar in movie avatar. Hence it is invariable that you will experience depression when you return to reality. It causes drain in productivity, distracts us from real life activities, makes us lose our social skills leading to social phobias, and as everyone puts up their best in the social media makes us feel inadequate and inferior, makes us physically inactive which too interferes with mental health and renders us incapable of being alone or reflective always waiting for the next ping of the new message. Social media will be the next big trigger for mental illnesses. We are seeing infidelity ideas and paranoid illnesses based on whatsapp and facebook . Mental illnesses rarely kills!! The notable exception being suicide. What it kills is relationship. One of the early signs of mental illness is strain in relations, saya Dr. Rohit Gupta – best Neurosurgeon in Faridabad. Work place and family relations being the most intimate and longest they are the first to feel the strain of illness.

There is no life problem that can invariably result in mental illness. Appearance of a mental illness is based on interaction between genetic vulnerability, your child hood experiences, your resilience, supportive psychosocial factors and finally the problem itself. That is why of two children growing up in the same deprived circumstances one turns out to be a criminal and other a police officer. That is why being fired from job is considered as an opportunity for growth by one person and end of the world by the second.

There are many tips for good Mental Health.

1. Take control of our own life. We have to face our problems and only we can solve it.

2. Keep a positive attitude.

3. Have a close friend with whom you can open up better.

4. Identify what relaxes you- music, aroma, pictures, and meditation.

5. Eat nutritious, balanced food. Dieting is not eating food.

6. Love yourself.

7. Trust yourself.

8. Exercise regularly.

9.Take breaks.

10. Ask for help. We are scared to ask for help. But the truth is that an average man is willing to help.

If you think that you or someone dear to you are suffering ill health, please contact Dr Rohit Gupta, best Neurosurgeon in Faridabad at the earliest.